simply but yet complex

xyzOPT is an application from the field of operations research.

xyzOPT makes it possible to model certain mathematical optimization problems with drag and drop. It is suitable for modelling many problems being mixed integer problems (MIPs).

xyzOPT itself can be used to model proplems not to calculate a solution. For this purpos mip-solvers are integrated - at this stage of development \opt{CBC} by \opt{Coin-Or} can be used.

xyzOPT is suitable for beginners and specialists in the field of optimization theory: beginners can model problems by drag and drop in case specialists constructed the required model building blocks before.

xyzOPT implements an interface to read and write data from spreadsheets.

xyzOPT models can be saved as xml.

xyzOPT has been developed in Java and was tested on Windows 11. Since it's a Java-application it might also run on other platforms. This wasn't tested yet.

xyzOPT V0.9